SPOODLE PUPPIES for sale in Carrara, QLD



The Spoodle is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a miniature Poodle. They are a very happy, gentle and intelligent dog with a very low shedding, allergy friendly coat.
The Spoodle is an active and playful dog that would enjoy a long walk and swim, but is also content around the home.They are great with children and other dogsWeight is approx 8-14kgHeight is approx 35-40cmThey have been wormed regularly since birth, vaccinated, microchipped and vet health checkedReady for adoption now

$1,600.00   RRP

We are the new owners of Carrara Pet Shop and would like to make a difference in the pet market. We are absolute animal lovers and all care will be taken to ensure our animals come to us healthy and happy, and remain that way until they go to their forever homes. We will be working with our avian and animal vets, breeders and research to make this possible.

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