This gorgeous little guy will make a lovely friend or addition to any familyTemperament

Loyal, inquisitive, fearless, active and adaptable, Miniature Fox Terriers have an almost dual personality: at the first sign of suspicion, danger or alarm, the demure, pampered lapdog turns instantly into a fearless watchdog, tenacious vermin killer and intrepid hunter. They are good with children.

Living Conditions

These dogs are adaptable and can adjust to city or country life. Their size means they can adjust to smaller spaces. They remain popular as a safe family dog, and their low maintenance and ability to amuse themselves if given toys makes them a great choice for singles and the elderly as well.This little guy has been wormed regularly since birth, vaccinated, microchipped and vet health checkedReady for adoption nowApprox height 25 - 30cm


We are the new owners of Carrara Pet Shop and would like to make a difference in the pet market. We are absolute animal lovers and all care will be taken to ensure our animals come to us healthy and happy, and remain that way until they go to their forever homes. We will be working with our avian and animal vets, breeders and research to make this possible.

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We specialise in puppies, kittens, mice, guinea pigs (when available), fish, baby chicks, birds and reptiles (coming soon). We also have a great range of pet food and products.

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