PUREBRED LABRADORS for sale in Carrara, QLD



ets, Labradors also love to socialise with other dogs and human friends. They are most suited to life as an inside dog that is an integral part of the family and their social life. Labradors are also renowned as smart seeing-eye dogs for the blind as well as savvy search and rescue dogs.

The Labrador's trainability along with their friendly, laid-back attitude make them excellent and attentive students. Though socialisation and training needs to begin from a young age to ensure a well-rounded and well-behaved pet. Labs also require a master with a strong sense of authority so they will behave and listen to commands.
Even though Labradors have an easygoing demeanour, they still require a decent amount of daily exercise of 30-40 minutes to stay in good shape physically and mentally. This is especially important given their propensity to overeat.

Labradors are also very intelligent and need to be challenged with games and playing fetch, which satisfies their excellent retrieval skills. They need active owners that will include them in family activities so that they don't become bored and/or destructive.
These guys have been wormed regularly since birth, vaccinated, microchipped, and vet health checked...
Ready for adoption

$1,500.00   RRP

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