When trying to find the right dog there is plenty to think about, and at carrara pet shop we will take the time to go through your requirements and give you as much help as needed. After all the puppy has a lifetime of pleasure to give but does have needs of its own and its a big responsibility to give a lifetimes commitment to a new pet. Feeding, housing and general welfare for our furry friends has changed quite a bit over the years weve had dogs, so it is good to get the most up to date advice possible when starting out with your new family member. This is why at carrara pet shop we all undertake training from the major pharmaceutical and food manufacturing companies to ensure you are given the most current information regarding the welfare of your pet.we also specialise in flying pups for clients to every state in australia using jet pets check out our website for our current puppies we are located on the goldcoast qld but remember we can assist you whereever you are

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When we bought Carrara Pet Shop we wanted to make a difference in the pet market. We are absolute animal lovers and all care is taken to ensure our animals come to us healthy and happy, and remain that way until they go to their forever homes. We work with our avian and animal vets, breeders and research to make this possible.

Carrara Pet Shop is also part of a weekend market (Carrara Markets), so feel free to drop in whilst out for a bite to eat or shopping.

We specialise in puppies, kittens, guinea pigs (when available), fish, baby chicks, and birds. We also have a great range of pet food and products.

All our prices are researched so we can remain the best pet store in Queensland with the best prices.

If you see a cheaper price (exluding online stores and in store specials) bring proof into us and we will match it, if we can beat it, we will.

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