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We, at Carrara Pet Shop, are absolute animal lovers and all care will be taken to ensure our animals come to us healthy and happy, and remain that way until they go to their forever homes. We will be working with our avian and animal vets, breeders and research to make this possible.

Carrara Pet Shop is also part of a weekend market (Carrara Markets), so feel free to drop in whilst out for a bite to eat or shopping. We specialise in puppies, kittens, mice, guinea pigs (when available), fish, baby chicks, birds and reptiles (coming soon). We also have a great range of pet food and products. 

We have made changes and have many more to come whilst trying to keep disruption to a minimum. All our prices are researched so we can become the cheapest pet store in QLD.

If you see a cheaper price (exluding online stores and in store specials) bring proof into us and we will match it, if we can beat it, we will.

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Pet Food & Products

Carrara Pet Shop has a great range of reptile food, fresh bird seed, dog and cat food, and fish food, pet treats, fresh meat, sweet but healthy doggie donuts, iced vovos and rocky road, etc.

Keep your animals protected with a variety of Flea and worm control products.

We stock trusted brands such as Black Hawk, Ezy Dog, Barkley & Bella, Ivory Coat, Huskimo and lots more.

Awesome jumpers and jackets are available for your puppies and dogs, at low prices and top quality. Grab a bed too with great trendy colours.

We also stock a great range of  bird products such as cages, seed, pellets, treats, medicine and lots more.

Fish food and accessories such as tanks, filters, heaters and ornaments are available, as well as small animal and reptile toys, food, houses, medicine, etc.

Our prices are unbeatable!
Come on down and check us out!

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Our Puppies

At Carrara Pet Shop we put a lot of time and effort into sourcing our puppies, and all puppies come home with us at the end of each day and get play time and love.

We personally pick up our puppies and only support the smaller breeders so our puppies get socialised, play time and lots of love. 

The first 12 weeks of a puppies life can shape the kind of adult your puppy will grow into.

We visit the breeders homes so we can see the parents and living quarters of our puppies. 

Great care goes into keeping our puppies clean, healthy, well fed, happy and loved, as these little guys go on to be a loving member of your family. 
We work closely with our vet and breeders to make this possible. 

All of our puppies/kittens are wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and vet checked.

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